Emergenza Abruzzo 2010 | ILLE Prefabbricati Abruzzo reconstruction

After the earthquake which on 6th of April 2009 affected the town of L’Aquila and several other small villages around it (Onna, Paganica etc), over 45,000 were considered homeless, as the nearly 30 seconds of the quake seriously damaged most of the houses. Some of them collapsed, while several others were structurally damaged to be listed as “not suitable houses” anymore.

The quake hit the Region of Abruzzo during the night, at 3.32 AM, bringing a huge mass of persons to the streets, surrounded by collapsed buildings, grey smoke and screams of people asking for help.



The first emergency was to support those still under the ruins and to provide immediately tents or temporary accommodations for the thousands of people remained without a home.

Over 200 camps were organized in different zones of the area, providing accommodation, food and other several services. For several weeks the tents needed to be warm up as L’Aquila is known in Italy as one of the coldest town in the country.

The second step, after the first emergency, was to think about how to organize the future accommodations, as the intention to consolidate all what had been destroyed, appeared as a very difficult task. The historic center of L’Aquila and of several other villages had been closed, meanwhile all the possible collapsing parts of the buildings were put in safe.

The Italian Government decision, together with the Protezione Civile Italiana, was to develop a system of a three floors building located over a quake-sensitive platform, where technological sismic isolators were put between the metal columns and the ground floor of the building.

15 companies have taken part to the competition, offering different system for the three floors houses, wooden structures, metal structures and prefab cement panels.

This ambitious project (Progetto C.A.S.E.) has targeted 184 buildings (each building with 20-24 apartments) in 20 locations of the affected area.

Together with the large size of Progetto C.A.S.E., other houses (Progetto M.A.P.) were developed and implemented in numerous villages around the main town of L’Aquila. One floor or two floors structures offered the chance to several families to remain close to where they were living before.

Fast implementation (78 days for the three floor houses of the Progetto C.A.S.E. and 20 days for the M.A.P. units) together with quake-safe wooden structures and sustainable energy systems, have been the main parts of the reconstruction.



here above_Progetto C.A.S.E. - Tempera site (L'Aquila)


ILLE Prefabbricati, as one of the selected companies and the first one for previous experience in other past Italian disasters (Irpinia earthquake, Umbria and Marche earthquake etc….) has been committed to build 657 new houses, split between Progetto C.A.S.E., Progetto M.A.P. and Progetto P.A.T. (Provincia Autonoma di Trento, Independent Province of Trento, as Donor for the construction of 70 units in the villages of Onna and Coppito, implemented by ILLE).

ILLE has a long experience in wooden houses and already succesfully tested in Japan a seven floor wooden building against the quake.


here above_Progetto C.A.S.E. - Tempera site (L'Aquila)


In this web site, mostly in Italian language, updated and previous reports with pictures per each site (Project C.A.S.E. - Project M.A.P. and Project P.A.T.) can be found as well man workers pictures, families opinions already living into the new homes and several construction methods sections.


here above_Progetto M.A.P. - Goriano and Cardamone sites (L'Aquila)


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